New Wine 2018-2019

…and they’re off and running!

After a year’s hiatus from their usual yearly production and tour, NEW WINE 2019 is     already into rehearsals for a great year ahead.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 41 youth who auditioned and were assigned parts. New Wine will be putting together a full length musical called “The Ark.” This will be presented in   dinner-theater format over 4 nights in May.

You won’t have to wait for May to get a   sampling from this year’s troupe. NEW WINE will be leading services at Living Waters on a Sunday in late February.

NEW WINE is a drama and music troupe for high school students. NEW WINE 2019 represents 5 area schools and several churches. About 1/2 of the troupe are members of Living Waters.

A tour to the Pacific West is planned for June 2019. On this trip the troupe will be         performing in churches along the way in     addition to working a couple of service     projects and, of course, sightseeing.

Interested in supporting NEW WINE? Here are some ways:

*Buy a pizza or 3 from a winer. They are on sale through December 12.

*Plan on attending one of the dinner  theatre performances.

*Pray for the troupe.