Lutefisk and Meatball Extravaganza!

In spite of the pandemic, Living Waters persevered with its annual lutefisk and meatball dinner, altering it to be a drive-through/take-out only event. A big, BIG thank you to the team who spearheaded this successful endeavor: Gary & Judy Germundson, Blair Schrader, Terry Sylvester, Steve Anderson, Bruce Neubauer, Patti Goke, Jeff Moon, and Mara Jahnke as well as the many volunteers who cut vegetables, peeled potatoes, rolled meatballs, mashed the potatoes, made lefse and served up the dinners! The Saturday, November 21st event was sold out a few days before it took place. People drove up, hungry and thankful for this opportunity! One person even came by taxi! Patti is still getting calls from disappointed lutefisk lovers who were turned away, wondering if and when we might offer it again! About 160 dinners were served, raising over $2500! There remain a few pieces of uncooked lutefisk for sale…perfect for Christmas! Contact the church office if interested!

Meatballs, Gravy, Baked Squash and Rutabaga, Potatoes, Lingonberries, Rommegrot, Fruit Soup, Pickled Herring, Handmade Lefse, Riskrem, Krumkake, Beverages…….and of course LUTEFISK with butter, mustard & white sauce!!