Living Waters’ New Member process involves two learning gatherings.  Our hope and prayer is that every new member finds a good fit within the congregation, becoming fully involved in the life of the church.

Contact the church office (320) 255-1135 for more information.

New Member Class One is an informal conversation on the core doctrine of the Lutheran church and the common core beliefs shared by Christians around the world. There will also be opportunities to ask questions about the Christian faith and Lutheran denominations. This session is suggested for New Members transferring from a non-Lutheran congregation or those seeking to join a church for the first time; although it is open to all who are interested in learning more about the core of Lutheran Christian beliefs.

New Member Class Two This gathering is designed to help each person learn about life at Living Waters. Focus will be on the ministries and other ways people can be engaged in the life of the congregation.

UPCOMING NEW MEMBER CLASSES will be set up in the fall. If you wish to be put on the list to receive a notice when the dates are announced, please contact the church office.