Baptism at Living Waters Lutheran Church

At Living Waters, we understand the sacrament of baptism to be a gift of God’s grace for us, given through water and God’s Word of love for us as God’s children.  Out of this understanding, we view baptism as an invitation and a doorway into greater life and participation within the body of Christ, the Church.  All people are welcome to be baptized at Living Waters, regardless of their prior church affiliation or participation.  When infants and children are baptized at Living Waters, parents and baptismal sponsors make a promise to support the child in their Christian faith. It is our hope, desire and expectation that all who are baptized are encouraged and empowered to grow in faith through participation in the education programs at Living Waters, confirmation, youth groups, and other opportunities for learning and faith development. When one is baptized at Living Waters Lutheran Church, he or she becomes a member of this faith community.

If you wish to schedule a baptism, please email or call the church office.


Phone: 320-255-1135