2024 Church Council Information

Council meetings are at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Council minutes are available upon request. Call the church office at (320) 255-1135.

2024 Council Members

John Fuls

Leann Giese

Todd Muehlbauer

Carolyn Neubauer

Dan Pederson

Kelli Pederson

Josh Rock

Kirsten Stiegel

Brian Ulrich

AJ Wolbeck

DeNetta Wolbeck

2024 Officers and Liaisons

President: DeNetta Wolbeck

Vice President: Dan Pederson

Secretary: Carolyn Neubauer (Kirsten Stiegel as stand-in)

Treasurer (non-voting member): Mary Soroko

Congregational Life: Kelli Pederson

Education: Kirsten Stiegel

Inreach and Care Core: Carolyn Neubauer

Music and Worship: DeNetta Wolbeck

Outreach: Leann Giese

Personnel: Todd Muehlbauer

Property Team: John Fuls