2022 Church Council Information

Individuals are also invited to attend council meetings. Council minutes are available upon request.

Call the church office at (320) 255-1135.

President: Blair Schrader  presidentlwlcmn@gmail.com

Vice President: John Fuls  vicepresidentlwlcmn@gmail.com

Secretary: Linda Agre secretarylwlcmn@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mary Soroko treasurerlwlcmn@gmail.com


Congregational Life:  Tom Satre conglifelwlcmn@gmail.com

Education:  John Fuls educationlwlcmn@gmail.com

Finance:  Brian Ulrich financelwlcmn@gmail.com

Inreach:  Vacant inreachlwlcmn@gmail.com

Outreach:  Leann Giese outreachlwlcmn@gmail.com

Personnel:  Aaron Sufka personnellwlcmn@gmail.com

Property:  Blair Schrader propertylwlcmn@gmail.com

Worship & Music:  Brad Giese worshipmusiclwlcmn@gmail.com

Youth:  Daniel Agre youthlwlcmn@gmail.com