2023 Church Council Information

Council meetings are at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Council minutes are available upon request. Call the church office at (320) 255-1135.

Daniel Agre (youth rep.) ⁠— dkagre347@gmail.com

Wayne Anderson ⁠— prwjander@yahoo.com

John Fuls ⁠— jctmfuls@msn.com

Brad Giese ⁠— gieseb76@gmail.com

Leann Giese ⁠— craftinggiese28@gmail.com

Josh Rock — jerock96@gmail.com

Tom Satre ⁠— tcsatre@charter.net

Mary Soroko ⁠— mpsoroko@gmail.com

Aaron Sufka ⁠— ajsufka@yahoo.com

Brian Ulrich ⁠— briantulrich@gmail.com

DeNetta Wolbeck ⁠— nedswolbeck@gmail.com