Young People to Share their Experiences of God — Wed, Jan 9 at 6 pm — The congregation is invited to come hear Tricia Walz and several central MN young people come tell about their experiences of God.  They will be speaking to our 4-9th graders and parents, but everyone is welcome to come!  Their book will also be available for purchase that night. Here is more information about the book and about what they will be talking about that night:


“By His Mercy” is a collection of testimonies of how 11 young, ordinary, local, Christians have seen God’s extraordinary mercy. Each story is very different — stories of miracles, surviving a plane crash, losing a loved one, discerning a vocation. All of them are very powerful and each of them shows how we have seen God’s mercy in our lives. We hope that this book will inspire people to look into their own lives and notice how God has worked and showed them His mercy.

If you are interested in purchasing the book go to and search for Tricia Walz.