A group of people are going to take a journey for the next year.
…a journey through the Bible,
And we’re inviting YOU to join us.

The Bible offers the foundation of our faith.
It’s Word brings us the story of God’s relentless love for humanity.
It is OUR story.
…and yet, how many of us know it very well? …read it? …understand it?

The plan:
A group of us are going to commit to reading the Bible, cover to cover, in a year.
That turns out to only be about 2 or 3 chapters a day with Sundays off.
We will then meet together once a month to gain some insight and ask any questions about what we are reading.
We will use a Bible that is intentionally divided out into daily readings for one year.
You can take a look at this year-read Bible in the church office.

Join us!
We’d love to have you take this JOURNEY through the Bible with us!
You can sign up in the church office and we will order you a year-read Bible ($14).
We’ll kick off our read by getting together on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 at 7pm.