Spiritual Companion

Would you like a spiritual companion? 

“What’s that?” you might wonder.  A spiritual companion is someone who travels on the spiritual journey with you by meeting with you once/month to listen for the voice and action of God in your life.  It’s a really simple and yet profound way of getting in touch with where God might be leading you, and where God is present and active in the everyday moments of your life.  There is no pressure to talk about deep “spiritual” things!  Your everyday life is the soil in which God has planted you, and that’s what we talk about!  If you’re interested in learning more about spiritual companionship, and maybe giving it a try, email Pastor Denise at denisemariehanson@gmail.com.  Pastor Denise also has a tool called “Listen to Your Life” if you’re interested in a more intentional way of exploring your past, present and future, and the way in which God might be calling you forward.    This ministry is free to all LWLC members, and $40 per session for non-members.