We are definitely sad that Denise is  leaving Living Waters to continue her   ministry as a pastor somewhere else, and we definitely wish her and her new  congregation God’s great blessings! With her leaving, a number of you have been wondering, “Now what? Do we quickly find someone to take her place? Can we call our former intern Sarah to fill the   position? Do we need an interim pastor?”

Unfortunately, Sarah is not available to step in as she has recently started her new call at Zion Lutheran in Milaca.   While it may be tempting to quickly fill Denise’s position, the Living Waters church council has decided to take some intentional time for conversation and    study about our specific needs as a   congregation and the sort of skill set we would be looking for in our next pastor. In the meantime, during this study time, we will employ an interim pastor to take on some of Denise’s pastoral duties.      Interviews for this interim pastor will be taking place in the near future, with someone stepping in to help as soon as possible. Stay tuned and please join us in praying for God’s guidance as we go through this transition time together.