In December 2020 while working at Good Shepherd Community (Nursing Home), Kris suffered a stroke caused by a ruptured blood vessel in her brain, requiring emergency surgery. Kris current resides in Mother of Mercy Nursing Home/Assisted Living in Albany, MN where she continues to be mostly non-verbal and remains on a feeding tube. She continues to regain movement in her arms and legs at a slow pace. Right now she occasionally squeeze hands and is able to move her head from side to side. Her biggest challenge is instability of her blood pressure which requires several trips to the ER.

Kris and her husband Bill live in Sauk Rapids, MN. They raised 2 wonderful children who are foraging ahead in their adult lives (Quentin getting married last year to Maci and Hillarie moving to the State of Washington for college last fall.) Both kids choosing a career/education track of serving others, taking lessons from their parents. Kris and Bill have always lived a modest lifestyle and have placed more value on the time spent with loved ones and giving back to those around them.

The money collected will help support Kris and Bill financially to pay mounting medical bills, everyday living expenses and supplement lost income while Kris is unable to work.