Hope for Haiti

In January a group including many from LWLC will be going to Haiti to serve and be served. They have many experiences ahead of them including; bringing fresh water to Cite Soleil, visiting orphanages and schools, supporting local initiatives and businesses and serving the elderly. If you are interested in supporting this trip there are a couple of opportunities available. First you can support the team through prayer and encouragement and secondly, if you are so moved, you can contribute to our team’s local sourcing project of Elder Care Support. In the future if you are interested in joining the trip please talk to those who have or are going and consider joining us for a life changing experience.

To contribute go to this link, https://tinyurl.com/y7t6s9by and click to donate.

The team is made up of the following: Erik Hanson (LWLC), Eric Falk (LWLC), Larry Hanson (Erik’s dad and a member of Atonement in St. Cloud), Trygve Hanson (LWLC), Riley Holmes (SR Resident and New Winer), Brooke Lorentz (LWLC), Don Myers (from Oregon), Merilee Myers (from Oregon), Rick Neyssen (St. Cloud resident and member of Atonement in St. Cloud), Anna Satre (LWLC), Allison Stiegel (LWLC), and Kirsten Stiegel (LWLC).

Next Haiti Mission Trip is Feb 17-24, 2020.