Due to the hiccup with the camera system, the online auction is being postponed. A date will be set at the next staff meeting and will be announced shortly after that. Chris Kiewel was in after today’s service to get us part of the way back. (THANK YOU, CHRIS)! On Monday morning, Jay, a tech who installed the system, will be in. We are hoping that we are up and streaming, but just in case we are not, we thought we would to postpone it early to get the word out. IT WILL HAPPEN!

The good news is that you have time to ogle and drool over the 50 items ready for your bid. Also, if you would like to donate a basket, you have time to do so. HOWEVER, we do ask that the items are already put in a container (basket), with a description and listing of item(s). Send a picture to would be awesome, too.

Take a look at the items: Living Waters Lutheran Church SR | Facebook