The Lenten service each week will begin with the “Holden Evening Prayer” liturgy, and the music will set the tone as together we journey in confession and celebration of grace and of awe at the miracle of the empty tomb and the promise of life. 

Each Wednesday evening we will hear God’s Word and reflect on the “stones” we carry around—stones of rejection and hurt which weigh us down, stones we may contemplate tossing at someone else, hearts of stone unwilling to let God’s love in. 

Each week we will place a stone at the foot of the cross—lay at the feet of our Savior all of those things which separate us from him.  Along the way, we will confess our faith, contemplate the truth about ourselves and stand together at the foot of the cross and lay our stones—and our sins—down, and leave in wonder of how God is lightening our load. 

We will together journey through Holy Week and together proclaim the resurrection, to announce together the Good News, “He is risen!”  We will see how we’d laid our sins at the cross and, behold!  They’ll be gone.  The stone will be rolled away!  Thanks be to God.